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When I first started ExcellerBlog towards the end of 2015, I was working in an educational institute. It was conceived in an “ideas-in-the-shower” moment, literarily. I will never forget that morning, haha.

At that time in my life, I was contemplating on how I could reach many of my students about concepts that we could not discuss in-depth in class; like how to strangulate examination fevers, or the importance of making study timetables. Considering that we only had so many minutes within the allotted weekly periods to talk about Thermodynamics or Unit Operations or whatever subject I was teaching them. I needed another ‘space’ for these conversations.

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You Are It!

The day I knew just how very different we all are, was the day I had a debate with a dear friend of mine concerning the fact that I believe that people usually have very specific preferences in taste regarding food or consumables, generally. But she said, no. People simply eat something because they haveContinue reading “You Are It!”


“Follow-follow” is a popular colloquial we used growing up in Nigeria, to refer to a person who mindlessly and sheepishly follows and supports a person or an idea. We say you are a follow-follow in the Nigerian pidgin english. 😁 When I returned to Facebook after my 2 years long “social media” break, one ofContinue reading “Follow-follow”


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