The Experience 3 – Striking The Balance

  I sat in the midst of other corps members in the NYSC camp in Paiko, Niger state. Rabbi stood at the centre of the gathering, dishing out his points in a debate. At first many were distracted but with time everyone got interested. Guess what got everyone’s attention? It was a cliché that becameContinue reading “The Experience 3 – Striking The Balance”

Findin’ Faults Or Fightin’ Facts

All your life, in every endeavour, you will always be confronted with two choices: You could choose to point fingers at who is responsible for the results you get or you could choose to face the facts about each situation…and then fight to change those facts. You must remember how Nursery school pupils behave… OnContinue reading “Findin’ Faults Or Fightin’ Facts”

Handling Failure On Your Way To Success 1

As Christian students, we believe success is our portion in Christ (and that is true to the letter), we have the anointing that teaches and reminds us ALL things (I John 2:27), we pray and commit exams, tests and coursework into God’s hands and we expect the best. A number of us at one timeContinue reading “Handling Failure On Your Way To Success 1”