Powerful Biblical Promises On Excellence

Hey there! Find below, few of the very powerful promises of God on excellence in all of life’s endeavours. I hope that every reader’s faith is stirred up as you read these words from the greatest book in history – the Bible. This is God’s will for you. For God has not given us aContinue reading “Powerful Biblical Promises On Excellence”

Stay Christian On Campus

HOW TO STAY CHRISTIAN ON CAMPUS By David Mathis They call it “the bubble.” It’s the perception that your campus, however big or small, college or seminary, is cozily quarantined off from the surrounding world. Life is different when you’re safe “in the bubble.” At least for now, you’re protected from the real world andContinue reading “Stay Christian On Campus”

3 ‘S’ For The (Yet) Unmarried

SINGLE, SATISFIED, AND SENT: MISSION FOR THE NOT-YET MARRIED By Marshall Segal If you’re single, Satan is after you. Okay, he’s after all of us, but there are some unique dangers in singleness — especially in unwanted singleness. He loves to deceive and discourage single people in the church and derail our devotion and ministry.Continue reading “3 ‘S’ For The (Yet) Unmarried”

The Experience 4 – Where Is The Library?

Where is The Library?  “A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.” – Shelby Foote There are various buildings in a school – the lecture halls, the hostels, the restaurants, the admin blocks, the laboratories, etc. – but none is as important as the library. Of the various facilities I utilizedContinue reading “The Experience 4 – Where Is The Library?”