The Experience 7: Applying The Lessons Learnt

After the test, I walked out of the hall, worried and lost. I was disappointed at my performance and couldn’t believe I was only able to attempt just one out of four questions. It was a disaster and below my expectation. I was devastated. As I took calculated steps towards my hostel, I knew IContinue reading “The Experience 7: Applying The Lessons Learnt”

Excelling Isn’t About Winning

I love winning, gosh! I guess that most people in life love winning too.  Last Sunday in church, I graduated from our Foundation Bible School, along with some thirty others.  The church threw a special service to celebrate us. They even gave prizes to the best three graduating students. And… Well, maybe you guessed right; IContinue reading “Excelling Isn’t About Winning”

The Experience 6: Time to Take Stock

Growing up in the suburbs of Lagos, my mum had a shop – not as big as a supermarket but big enough to cater for the house and provide for normal expenses associated with kids. There was a culture I grew up to learn from my mum and that culture is STOCK TAKING. After theContinue reading “The Experience 6: Time to Take Stock”