ExcellerBlog – The Journey

When I first started ExcellerBlog, I was working at an educational institute. It was conceived in an “ideas-in-the-shower” moment, literally. I will never forget that morning, haha. I am sure you’ve had a few brilliant thoughts smack your brain when you least expected!

At that time, I was contemplating on how I could reach my friends and students about concepts that we could not discuss in-depth in class; like how to strangulate examination fevers, or the importance of making study timetables. Considering that we only had so many minutes within the allotted weekly periods to talk about Thermodynamics or Unit Operations or whatever subject I was teaching, I needed another ‘space’ for these conversations.

Then, I also had some folks approach me during office hours about concerns, and after giving them my two-cents on the matter, there was the need to document the key points for their future reference.

In addition, of course, the evangelist in this girl needed a platform to tell others in my world about God’s love and the salvation that is available through Jesus Christ.

So, I reached out to a blogger-friend who taught me the ropes and voila, Excellerblog was born!

I wrote my heart out, I contacted some friends who also pitched in. You can find all their wonderful posts from the Guest Writer category. We were no experts on excellence; I am quite certain that we still aren’t, haha. But we reached into our God-given wisdom, our experiences and research, and most importantly, we have continued to grow. Personally, continuous improvement is one of my life values. I could never trade it off nor underestimate it.

After a while, I got so busy and thrown into ‘life’ that Excellerblog was suspended. Time passed. Dust gathered and cobwebs grew on here. Life went on. Until I sensed a need to clean and reopen house. And Excellerblog gloriously reawakened! During the break, I changed jobs, changed location, got married and have become a mother. I know what you are thinking, massive life-transformation. And you are right. My world viewpoint has become more rounded and deeper which is wonderful for subsequent posts, but some things have stayed the same so hopefully, earlier readers would be able to touch the essence that drew you to the blog in the first place.

So, whilst you may read a teacher in some posts, you may hear the reflective woman in others but most importantly, I pray that you would hear Jesus in every line speaking sweetly to your mind and propelling you to greater levels.

Please, peruse. Read to your heart’s filling. You will find all the posts organized in the different categories under the Menu, including Faith Building, Flying High, Finding Love and my Fielding Muses groups. 

Do not hesitate to comment on the posts and share with others!

Let’s go, Exceller-people! ***insert breakdance emoji

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