Weekly Nuggets #3

💡 L. I. G. H. T. 💡 Hi there! 😊 Happy new week! 👋🏼 Last week, I had a most fascinating journey thinking up and writing daily quotes and captions on Instagram. The theme I chose for last week’s nuggets was Light. I found the process interesting because of two reasons. First, it reinforced justContinue reading “Weekly Nuggets #3”

Weekly Nuggets #2

Week 2, friends!!! Woohoo, we made it! 🥳 I’m so thankful to God and super thrilled that we are advancing with grace, style, purpose and straight shoulders! 😄 Ain’t no stopping us, fam. We move! For those who just joined the party, I am working on putting up a nugget/quote daily on Instagram, and cataloguingContinue reading “Weekly Nuggets #2”

Weekly Nuggets #1

Happy new year, fam!!! I would like to take a moment to deeply appreciate everyone who stayed with ExcellerBlog from 2021, however sparsely the posts came. 😊 You are the real MVPs and it has been absolutely delightful sharing thoughts, stories and opinions with you, my reader-friends. If you are new, I welcome you heartily;Continue reading “Weekly Nuggets #1”

Christmas @ home away from home!

Merry Christmas fam!!! I hope that everyone had a beautiful Christmas celebration?! Did you have the opportunity to celebrate this year’s with loved ones at home? I sincerely hope that you were not lonely or separated from family, contrary to your preference? The Christmas season represents different things to different people.  For many, Christmas isContinue reading “Christmas @ home away from home!”

The 6-R Quiet Time Model

What constitutes an effective and comprehensive Quiet Time? In an earlier post, we established the invaluable and pre-eminent place of consistent personal devotion in a Christian’s life. But what do we actually do during Quiet Time? If there was a process, what would it look like? Should one sit down quietly for say 15 minutes,Continue reading “The 6-R Quiet Time Model”