The 6-R Quiet Time Model

What constitutes an effective and comprehensive Quiet Time? In an earlier post, we established the invaluable and pre-eminent place of consistent personal devotion in a Christian’s life. But what do we actually do during Quiet Time? If there was a process, what would it look like? Should one sit down quietly for say 15 minutes,Continue reading “The 6-R Quiet Time Model”

Rainbow Reasons for Daily Quiet Time

Introduction Quiet time is a fundamental discipline of the Christian faith. It is the time that an individual specially sets apart daily to communicate with God alone. It often involves a two-way conversation; you listening to God from His word, and speaking to Him through prayers, praise and worship. A christian’s personal devotion is aContinue reading “Rainbow Reasons for Daily Quiet Time”

Let No One Despise Your Devotion

Your devotion is like your story; no one can define it better than you. It is like your shoes; no one else knows how it truly feels. Let me tell you my funny exercise story from a few days back. 👩🏾 I have been wearing my smartwatch almost everyday since last year as my personal commitmentContinue reading “Let No One Despise Your Devotion”

Sunday School – Down the Memory Lane

Hiya friend! Did you attend Sunday school today? I sure did! If we could take a trip down the memory lane, how was your childhood Sunday school or Bible Club experience, if you had one? Fun? Or boring? About a month ago, I read a heart-warming story about the history of Sunday School in EnglandContinue reading “Sunday School – Down the Memory Lane”