Rainbow Reasons for Daily Quiet Time

Introduction Quiet time is a fundamental discipline of the Christian faith. It is the time that an individual specially sets apart daily to communicate with God alone. It often involves a two-way conversation; you listening to God from His word, and speaking to Him through prayers, praise and worship. A christian’s personal devotion is aContinue reading “Rainbow Reasons for Daily Quiet Time”


This morning, I was reading the story of Ruth and Boaz and it struck me how God exploits the ordinary occurrences in our everyday lives to bring to pass His good intentions and to take us where He wants us.  I mean, if you imagine this world to be an organization, then God is definitelyContinue reading “JEHOVAH EL – HAPPENSTANCE (Case Study – Ruth)”


Most adults pay for at least one kind of insurance (Car, Life, Education insurance, etc.) Why? Because we want to ensure SUSTAINED survival and progress. Guess what? I found some insurance promises in the Bible. I am super excited! Can’t stop dancing. Check these out. 1. The favour of the Lord is for a LIFETIME.Continue reading “MY INSURANCE POLICY STATEMENT”

Spirit –  Led, not Mind – Led

Everyday in the life of a Christian #Exceller, there is a silent but severe battle. A battle to decide whether to be led by the Spirit of God or to be led by our minds; our sensuality and intellectual. Boy, this battle is strong! Our senses are five (or six) in number. Our knowledge isContinue reading “Spirit –  Led, not Mind – Led”

Powerful Biblical Promises On Excellence

Hey there! Find below, few of the very powerful promises of God on excellence in all of life’s endeavours. I hope that every reader’s faith is stirred up as you read these words from the greatest book in history – the Bible. This is God’s will for you. For God has not given us aContinue reading “Powerful Biblical Promises On Excellence”