The Experience 7: Applying The Lessons Learnt

After the test, I walked out of the hall, worried and lost. I was disappointed at my performance and couldn’t believe I was only able to attempt just one out of four questions. It was a disaster and below my expectation. I was devastated. As I took calculated steps towards my hostel, I knew IContinue reading “The Experience 7: Applying The Lessons Learnt”

The Experience 6: Time to Take Stock

Growing up in the suburbs of Lagos, my mum had a shop – not as big as a supermarket but big enough to cater for the house and provide for normal expenses associated with kids. There was a culture I grew up to learn from my mum and that culture is STOCK TAKING. After theContinue reading “The Experience 6: Time to Take Stock”

Introvert-Extrovert Excellence

​I’m an introvert and growin’ up, sometimes I wished that I was the outgoing, confident type. The need grew more pronounced in my undergraduate days as I was surrounded with all sorts of confident, bold personalities. I wanted to be more, because I thought that in order to make an impact on the world, IContinue reading “Introvert-Extrovert Excellence”

The Experience 5: Don’t Stay Down

There comes a time when life throws its weight against you and you are left with two options: keep fighting or just let life have its way. You are left to decide whether to accept fate or refuse to be down. I had a relatively poor result in my 3rd year of university education andContinue reading “The Experience 5: Don’t Stay Down”

Stay Christian On Campus

HOW TO STAY CHRISTIAN ON CAMPUS By David Mathis They call it “the bubble.” It’s the perception that your campus, however big or small, college or seminary, is cozily quarantined off from the surrounding world. Life is different when you’re safe “in the bubble.” At least for now, you’re protected from the real world andContinue reading “Stay Christian On Campus”