Identity Crisis 3

CORRECT IDENTIFICATION None of the aforementioned is bad in itself. It is cool to have good looks, a loving spouse, a calm personality, the support of good friends, to be intelligent, be talented, be spiritually sound, have intelligent protégé and a thriving career. All of these are blessings from our loving Father who blesses usContinue reading “Identity Crisis 3”

Excelling Isn’t About Winning

I love winning, gosh! I guess that most people in life love winning too.  Last Sunday in church, I graduated from our Foundation Bible School, along with some thirty others.  The church threw a special service to celebrate us. They even gave prizes to the best three graduating students. And… Well, maybe you guessed right; IContinue reading “Excelling Isn’t About Winning”

Introvert-Extrovert Excellence

​I’m an introvert and growin’ up, sometimes I wished that I was the outgoing, confident type. The need grew more pronounced in my undergraduate days as I was surrounded with all sorts of confident, bold personalities. I wanted to be more, because I thought that in order to make an impact on the world, IContinue reading “Introvert-Extrovert Excellence”