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When I first started ExcellerBlog towards the end of 2015, I was working in an educational institute. It was conceived in an “ideas-in-the-shower” moment, literarily. I will never forget that morning, haha.

At that time in my life, I was contemplating on how I could reach many of my students about concepts that we could not discuss in-depth in class; like how to strangulate examination fevers, or the importance of making study timetables. Considering that we only had so many minutes within the allotted weekly periods to talk about Thermodynamics or Unit Operations or whatever subject I was teaching them. I needed another ‘space’ for these conversations.

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Let No One Despise Your Devotion

Your devotion is like your story; no one can define it better than you. It is like your shoes; no one else knows how it truly feels. Let me tell you my funny exercise story from a few days back. 👩🏾 I have been wearing my smartwatch almost everyday since last year as my personal commitment…Continue reading »

The Marriage Requirements List

“Hey Simi, what qualities would you have on your marriage requirements checklist?” “My what now?” My BFF coughs, sputtering her drink. I give her a pointed look. “Wow Ticg, for someone who is mostly reticent, you sure know how to dig out really deep conversations.” One corner of my lips lifts in a small smile. 🙂…Continue reading »


I have written a number of blog posts on academic success in the past but in this article, I am so excited to be drawing specifically from a recent personal experience. A couple of years ago, I decided to enrol in college for a one-year course to hone my skillset and prepare for a professional…Continue reading »


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